Technology has made us dependent

6 June 2016

We live in an amazing world during a time of innovation and discovery. An era where we can instantly communicate with people across the 7 oceans, an era where our whole lives are uploaded into one place and an era where we are constantly connected to each other. But not only that we have created inventions and machines to make our lives easier, more efficient some dare say, from the mastery of flight to the creation of the remote control. Technology has innovated our lives and brought us up in a society that’s entirely dependent on automation and instant gratification. We have become subordinate to technology and have been conditioned to be reliant on our own creation. Technology has made our generation lazy and dependent.

Technology has integrated itself into every second of our lives. We are products of technology. Our brains are have been rewired to adapt this new, automated age. But with that adaption grew one of the biggest dependencies ever to grow on to mankind. Just think about it, if the internet was knocked offline for an indefinite period, where would we be? Some speculate the world would be thrown back a couple ages. Now let’s just think of your common workplace, almost all companies have an advanced computerized system which organises tasks, helps the delivery of information and keep a record of the happenings in that workplace.

Technology has made us dependent Essay Example

If that system, the central hubs that controls the workings of the company, was say to be hit offline, most workplace become ineffectual and are not able to operate this applies from banks to legal firms. If there’s such a heavy reliance on technology that without it we are no longer able to work, then our dependency on it is beyond concern. Now, I believe majority of young adults own a smartphone of some kind, and many of us would feel lost without it.

Smartphones connect us to this other world, a world of communication where we tap on a name and are instantly connected to them. A couple decades back smartphones didn’t exist, people actually remembered each other’s phone numbers but now it is taken for granted and what has it made us? Dependant. Now what happens when you’re lost and you want to figure out where you want to go? Nowadays many use their smartphone or GPS, they tap the screen, and it locates their position and then points them the right way.

These are 2 very small examples but it shows how technology has slowly shaped us. The biggest dependency that we have on technology is for information. Thanks to Google and other search engines that we now have instant access to this constantly expanding database that explores every known topic that you could think of. The internet is a gift given to us by others collectively around the world. Without the internet, looking at the top Google searches, many of us would be lost without it. Moving on, regarding the internet, we no longer have to memorise things from a cake recipes or what year World War 2 started, all this information is at our fingertips and our minds have become lazy adjusting to it. We no longer subconsciously feel that we need to memorise anything, the internet has the changed we think forever. In conclusion, think right now about your life without a car, a phone or a computer. These items have taken over this world. Technology has replaced almost everything. It’s in our homes, our schools and our communities.

We spend time online, in front of the TV and even driving just around the corner. Technology has made us lazy and dependent. There’s no questioning that. It has changed the way the human race has evolved and been cultured. Our dependency on Technology is of extremities, and we have to remember, we are the future of this world, of this society, not our phones.

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