Technology Impact

Some of these twentieth century tools include: the adding machine, slide rule, and calculator for performing calculations, the typewriter and word processor for processing text, ND the telephone, radio, and television for communicating. “(www. CSS. Princeton. Du/ -?ukulele/theses. HTML) The report will examine how advances in constructing and designing these mechanisms have affected the general society.

The second definition is of “the way we work”. The elements of this phrase can be split up into two main considerations, e. . What we mean by the way and how we define work. The “war will be defined for the purposes of this report as the processes that are used by Individuals or organizations. “Work” shall be defined as when we apply the processes to accomplish some arbitrary task. The third definition is of “general society”.

Society can be defined as “a community, nation, or broad grouping of people having common traditions, institutions, and collective activities and Interests. “(www. M;w. Com. ‘cal;bal/nettled? Ocelot) The report will examine how the technological developments which have occurred in information technology have influenced a “broad grouping of people” in their “common traditions, Institutions and/or collective activities”. This broad grouping of people will primarily be those In the Industrialized world of where “Information technology” is commonly available. The fourth and final working definition in this Introduction Is “technological developments”.

For the purpose of this report this phrase has been defined with a reference to the previous definition of “information technology”.A development in information technology is any improvement to the mechanism used to “store, manipulate, distribute or create information”. This report alms to provide a brief summary of these developments. This will be achieved by highlighting only those developments that have influenced “general society”. Having provided a few “working definitions” for some of the words in the initial arcograph the aim and scope of the report has been more clearly delimited. How the report will achieve the alma 1 OFF the last thirty years of information technology.

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