Technology is making us alienated

6 June 2016

We, human beings, live in a technologically advanced world. We always claim that we live in a global village, advent of technologies have made the world into a global village. Our communication and transportation facilities are in such a fast space so, the reach from one corner of the world to another is very fast. Although, all these technologies are for the efficient function of human beings, these technologies themselves make human beings alienated from his fellow human beings.

We live in a fast space and we dont have time for the other. We are possessing all kinds of communication devices and vehicles for the transportation, despite all these facilities we spend most of our time in our enclosed rooms, meddling with technological devices like, mobile, laptop and internet. Though we all have mobile phones we dont have time to call people who are close to us and to know what is happening with them. Although we have all possible communication facilities and the irony is that we have lots of miscommunication and misunderstanding happening now.

Technology is making us alienated Essay Example

I would like to say that internet is the blessing as well as the greatest curse of the time. I dont disagree that internet has been a blessing; as we always live in the cyber world spending large chunk of our time, which could be converted to some other productive purposes and advent of social networking sites have worsened the scenario.

Remember, we all lived in an era where there were no technological advancements like mobile phones and personal vehicles, in spite of all that we had time for others and we knew who our neighbors were; what was happening with people who were around us. We used to go to the houses of our neighbors and visit people who were sick. Though we did not have any transportation facility we used to be punctual everywhere, even in church for Sunday service.

Whereas now we live amid the facilities, we have communication devices and transportation facilities but we dont have time for others and we dont know who our neighbors are, we have no clue on what is happening with them. We dont go to the houses of our neighbors at all and not even bothered to visit people who are sick. Though we have car and other motor vehicles at home we are not at all punctual anywhere and even we are too late to church on Sundays.

Technology has created a world of its own and we are made the prisoners of that world. Technology has made us less human and more mechanical like the way technology functions. Our socialization and social relationship are badly affected and everything is turned to artificial. Technology is not producing the desired results in our society, instead of keeping the human bond intact and making more human interaction possible, technology makes human beings alienated from one another.

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