Since the beginning of humanity. advance technology enable human to develop from nothing to Stone Age and lastly into a modern world full of machines and equipment. Technology kills the traditions and this can be seen primarily In the aspects of traveling, communication and health care. Firstly, evolution of technology changes the way human travel. During old times, human travel from one place to another by using human-powered transport such as walking or bicycling. But nowadays, modern marvels like planes, ships, and cars are invented to help people save time and energy.

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In addition, spaceships enable human travel to somewhere which Is Impossible back decades ago like the Moon. Hence, with the existence of technology, places which seemed unreachable are no longer a limit for mankind. Apart from traveling, advancing technology has altered the ways of communication from what it was before. In the past, human contact with people far away by writing letter. It took several days or weeks for the recipient to receive the letter. But now, human can communicate faster and easier by sending emails or SMS.

Furthermore, died call or live chat is also available within several clicks on the computer. Finally, technology kills traditional medication method or health care. Over the centuries, developed medical technology has help human unlock the mysteries and complexities of the human body. Some of the important innovations are stethoscope, diagnostic imaging and electrocardiography. New medicines are created to cure diseases faster and efficiently. In a nutshell, tradition has been vanished by the evolution of technology from this modern society in the aspect of traveling, communication as well as health care.

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