Technology, Transportation and Society

A discussion of transportation in the past and present and how it affects and is effected by technology and society.

This paper begins with a brief history of the development of transportation, including land, air and sea travel. The link between transport and society are examined in terms of the effects on the economy, on business and on culture. Alternate forms of transport and new developments are outlined.
“Technology, transportation and society are three areas that are interlinked. Technology determines what transportation will exist. The transportation that exists determines how we will live and the nature of our society also determines what transportation is created.
Transportation systems have developed considerably in the last century, giving us the society we currently have. The major development in the last few decades is in technology, with this likely to have a significant impact on future transportation systems.
The current transportation systems have also resulted in several problems, mostly related to environmental and quality of life issues.

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An understanding of these problems is likely to result in better planning and application of future transportation systems.”

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