Tecumseh, Nat Turner and Frederick Douglas

4 April 2015
This paper looks at three non-white individuals of the early 1800’s Tecumseh, Nat Turner, and Frederick Douglas and the impact they had on history by resisting the white establishment.
On the other hand the Indian tribes viewed the American cause as incomprehensible and outrageous. Even as a young boy, Tecumseh was exposed to the fighting and loss of family members due to the American expansion. In the 1780’s, he was already forming the belief that guided his life: the Indians only real and permanent security would come from resisting the white invasion and forcing a recognition of Indian territorial rights (Nash 157). Therefore he had no other choice but to fight for his land. From the Indian point of view, land was a gift from above and not to be bought or sold by anyone. Treaties made with Congress were invalid due to the fact that one tribe had signed away another tribes land. As for siding with the British in the war, the Indians were not guilty of any crime.
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