Tecumseh: The Greatest Indian Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Within the pages of the Indian-American history. the name Tecumseh really stood as a primary indicant of hope and victory among the early civilisations of the said group of states. Probably. the narrative account on the life and escapades of Tecumseh showed how determined the Indian-Americans are in doing a name for their ain community. a repute that would stand as a grade of their ain civilisation. Treated as an existent hero of the said civilisation. Tecumseh showed a strong deduction on the fact that there is nil impossible with one taking to be the best that he could be in his ain field of profession or calling.

Surely. the life of Tecumseh has been portrayed as a strong footing on how past leaders of the Indian-American community used to do a certain focal point on unity and repute. To them. such facets of human life really specify who and what a individual or for case a community truly is.

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It is from this peculiar idealism that Tecumseh was able to make much for his community therefore deriving for himself a repute of being the Greatest Indian to hold of all time lived of all time. Intelligibly. through his life narrative. he was besides able to go forth a bequest to the people with respects the world behind the features that his people chiefly posses. It is through this bequest that Indians began to accept the position of the society that they are people of ends and finding and of dreams and triumphs as they continue being earnestly attached towards the things that they aim to go on.

Furthermore. Tecumseh’s narrative brings about a world based account of how a true leader should be able to take his people towards winning fulfilments of their ends. whether the ends are for themselves or for the community that they are functioning. His life experience became a footing of who he truly was and what he truly wanted for his community. Probably. what he did was non to work entirely but to work with others as they fulfill their dreams through his aid. This is the model bequest that he has left for the present governments non merely of the United States but of the whole universe. Intelligibly. through this deduction. his narrative sends out an of import message non merely to the coevalss of his people but to the coevalss of the whole universe and that is for them to maintain on keeping on to their dreams and doing things go on for the fulfilment of such purposes.

As observed from the narrative. there are at least three points of attending to be given attending. The said three points include: ( 1 ) Making a end that is approachable ( 2 ) Making a program to make the end ( 3 ) Making the program work through strategic application. As seen from his narrative. failures happen. but the said incidents ne’er drove him to halt from go oning. Yet. the incidents intended to increase the finding he has towards the completion of his dreams for his people. The same thing should be genuinely applied today. It is though one’s conditional perceptual experience of challenges as chances and failures as manner of get downing all over once more. will a strategical program really work. Through the life of Tecumseh. it has been proven that nil is impossible one time existent finding is applied through one’s longing for success in the terminal.


American Perspectives. Readings in American History` Volume 1 3rd edition.

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