Teen Ink Music Review Imagine Dragons

1 January 2020

“Imagine Dragons” is a well known alternative rock music group. They are originally out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The lead singer of the group is Dan Reynolds. “Imagine Dragons” is best known for their songs, “Radioactive”, “Demons”, and “It’s Time”. The group is very successful and well liked for multiple different reasons.

February 22, 2014 “Imagine Dragons” put on an amazing and extremely exciting show at the BOK in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Going from one song to the next, “Imagine Dragons” kept the crowd pumped up and singing the entire time. The group played from high voltage songs to slow and calming songs pleasing the crowd despite the tone of the song. The band managed to keep the audience entertained throughout the length of the concert.

Teen Ink Music Review Imagine Dragons Essay Example

At one point of the concert, Dan Reynolds stopped to talk about a friend of his who’s name was Tyler Robinson. Tyler was a sixteen year old boy that had died of cancer. Tyler and the group became extremely close after Tyler attended one of their concerts and was brought up at that concert by Dan. Tyler and Dan sang Tyler’s favorite song, “It’s Time” together as his friends held Tyler on their shoulders. Dan proceeded to tell the audience that this concert was the most important because Tyler’s family was attending. All of the money made on the tour went to the “Tyler Robinson Foundation”, which helps families suffering with cancer. While talking about Tyler, Dan broke down and cried. Afterwards the group sang “It’s Time” in honor of Tyler. “Imagine Dragons” was a touching group that performed well and touched the hearts of every person there. The put on a fantastic show but also added a touch of heart and showed how truly amazing this group is.

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