Teen Magazines and their Influences

4 April 2015
Looks at the influence of teen magazines on teenage girls and how it affects their views of themselves.

This paper describes how teen magazines influence the way teenage girls view themselves and affect their self-esteem. The author examines the bombardment of perfect female images on girls, and how they struggle to achieve such standards of beauty. The paper discussed how young women begin to define themselves solely on how they look and how teen magazines teach girls that it is acceptable to be seen as objects.
“In the past few decades, teenage girls have been tremendously preoccupied with their looks. They are obsessed with their makeup, their hair, their clothes, and their weight. What is responsible for this obsession? If you flip through any one of the numerous teen magazines on the market, you will find on just about every page one of the following: a makeup ad, pictures of super-skinny, flawless models, tips on how to improve your looks or change your body, or pictures of girls being portrayed as sex objects.”

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