Teen Pregnancy

5 May 2016

Deciding to become sexually active can be very confusing and dangerous for teens that lack the education and knowledge of becoming a teen parent sooner than later. Television, magazines, even lyrics in songs all seem to be telling young teens that having sex is okay.

Teen Pregnancy Essay Example

The fact is, sex is a part of life and, like many parts of life, and it can be good or bad. Making the decision to have sex all depends on the parties involved and the consequences he or she may have to face if pregnancy occurs.

Teen pregnancy continues to rise all across countries every day. In this paper the author will discuss teen pregnancy the author will discuss how long teen pregnancy has been a problem; how has teen pregnancy affected the community and how has the community responded to teen pregnancy. How long has teen pregnancy been a problem?

Teen pregnancy has been on the rise for decades and still continues to rise every day with the United States of America having the highest teen pregnancy rate than any other country in the world.

Teen pregnancy continues to rise because we as a society are falling to educate our teenage boys and girls about sexually intercourse and the risks involved. Parents think if they sit and talk with their teens about sexual intercourse, it gives the teen the okay to go out and become sexually active.

Teen pregnancy is higher in household of young girls who have been sexually molested a younger child; lives in poverty or teenagers that live in a household where drugs and alcohol are involved. How has teen pregnancy affected the community?

Teenage pregnancy affects the community because we now have babies that are having babies; therefore we have underage parents that cannot properly educate the child until he or she grows up (parents) mentally. Golland 2010, “The estimated public cost for teen pregnancy in the United States is between $6 and $9 billion a year. Eighty percent of teen moms here are on some form of public assistance” (para.1).

Most teenagers who become pregnant do not receive the proper health care, which may lead to high-risk pregnancy; mental disabilities or even death. Teens should not make the decision to have sex unless they are able to accept the responsibilities that come along with having sexual intercourse. How has the community responded to teen pregnancy?

The community has responded to teen pregnancy by establishing teen crisis centers worldwide to prevent or decrease pregnancy among teens.

Teenagers who are ready to become sexually active or teens that already are sexually active can go to one of their local teen clinics and get counseling on birth control; pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The only way to prevent pregnancy among teen is continuous education or not having sex at all. Conclusion

According to Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. (2012), “Providing teens and young people with the information they need to make responsible decisions is the commonsense solution to reducing unintended teen pregnancy” (para.3).

In conclusion the author has discussed teen pregnancy; the problems with teen pregnancy; how long teen pregnancy has been a problem, and how has the community responded to teen pregnancy.

Reference Golland, Dr. M. (2010). Teen Pregnancy is a Public Health Issue, Not a Political One. Retrieved from http://www.momlogic.com/2010/07/teen-pregnancy-is-a-public-hea.php Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc… (2012). Planned parenthood. Retrieved from http://www.plannedparenthood.org

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