Teenage Birth Control Controversy Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Should we ordain statute law that would necessitate any bureau or individual who dispenses or sells birth control devices to individuals 14 old ages of age or less to describe this fact by some sensible agencies or other to the parents ( or defenders ) of the bush leagues having such services?

The entry point of morality in this instance every bit good as ethical considerations comes in. We have to look at both sides whether or non to ordain such legislative ordinance since. make up one’s minding without consider both set-ups might bring on bias intensions.

Naturally. the first thing that we have to look at is the motivation of the person in purchasing such birth control devices who is merely 14 old ages old. In a given scenario. allow us use our logic and believe if this can be portion of a school undertaking or morally intended intent that requires such device. Is it possible that the professor of a 14-year old single asks for a rubber for a demand? Probably. nevertheless. are they traveling to propose such undertaking without parental supervising? No. This invasion is now against moral behavior and rules that needs careful analysis. If we promote statute law that inhibits these bush leagues to purchase these birth control pills. so we might increase the opportunity of adolescent gestation and this might do feeling of suppression in the portion of these bush leagues. However. on the positive note. they do non hold to travel any longer to the nearest food market shop merely to purchase these devices.

Another inquiry to reply is. are we even sure that these childs shall forbear from holding pre-marital intercourse even if these prophylactic devices are out of their range? Still. No. The follow-up inquiry now is. if we inhibit such purchase of birth control devices. are we besides suppressing the instance of pre-marital sex or worse. advancing it?

Surveies have shown that adolescents are manner excessively adventuresome to be grasped in merely one manus. If they want to cognize something or experience something. they are traveling to seek their best in order to obtain it. This is the hazard that we face in this affair. One illustration is in Denmark. wherein. adult stuff has been banned from adolescents ages 18 and below. The governments thought that this is the terminal of the increasing sexual offense rates. However. the contrast scenario has occurred. Alternatively of lessening. the rates shoot up and as the psychologists analyze it. the suppression causes the cat to hold more involvement in playing on the fires ( Selzer & A ; Carpini 407 ) . Due to the limitations and suppressions brought by the society. this induces strain in the portion of the person. therefore doing him or her more funny to seek out that something that is out.

If we have this statute law unimplemented. so are we suppressing these bush leagues or are we even advancing prenuptial sex for this age group? The reply for this inquiry is comparatively dependent since. the status varies greatly. However. allow us do a follow up inquiry in this affair. if we have this statute law unimplemented but have parent’s supervising purely imposed. so are we suppressing these bush leagues or are we even advancing prenuptial sex for these age group? The reply is most likely but non accurately. suppression of prenuptial sex.

The parents play an indispensable function in every household particularly during the developmental old ages of a kid. They are the 1s that function as the molders of their kids. and the place environment or the household presence enables proper establishing centres. It is their extreme responsibility to oversee the development of these kids. hence. the duty of suppression should be placed more in the portion of the parents and non or less likely in the jurisprudence.

Another inquiry to undertake is. how do we supervise the monitoring of this parents sing prenuptial sex among these kids? Furthermore. how can we vouch that infliction of rigorous parental protocols and non implementing the said statute law can decrease the incidence of prenuptial sex every bit good as teenage gestation? The replies once more stand to be dependent and inaccurate. However. instruction and awareness enlargement can greatly increase the households concern every bit good as motive sing the incident. The accent of strong household ties and moral instructions are necessary in order to avoid such job happening.

Reasoning now for the side of this essay. the conditions of executions of rigorous parent function is necessary while the statute law is non any longer appropriate. The groundss. logic rule and justifications are present above. One thing is clear in the justification of this issue. the decision-maker is still lies on the single since. he or she is the one commanding his or her organic structure. The necessities of household. place and parental influences are the chief solutions in order to forestall such societal issues and non suppressions.


Selzer. Jack. and Dominic Carpini.Conversations: Readings for Writing 6th Edition. Pearson Education. 2006.

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