Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

7 July 2019

“Less cute and more sexy” than her previous albums, claimed pop star Katy Perry before the release of her new album, “Teenage Dream.” It contains the hits “Teenage Dream” and the Teen Choice award-winning single “California Gurls” (featuring Snoop Dogg), as well as other songs that express her one-of-a-kind personality.

Overall, this album is amazingly written and sung. “Teenage Dream,” “California Gurls,” “Last Friday Night” (aka TGIF), and “Circle the Drain” are upbeat and perfect for parties. Her unique lyrics include an enticing chorus that will keep people hitting the replay button. I enjoy the first six songs because they keep my spirits up and I like singing and dancing to them.

Teenage Dream by Katy Perry Essay Example

Another side of Katy Perry is revealed in the last six songs. These tracks are slower and more meaningful. “Firework,” “Who Am I Living For?” and “Pearl” share the theme of not being afraid to express who you are. They also talk about showing others how you shine. “Who Am I Living For?” is a question directed toward the listener, and you have the chance to answer that question after listening to the song.

“Not Like the Movies” and “The One That Got Away” are break-up songs. They are more subtle and the lyrics go well together, similar to “White Horse” by Taylor Swift. “E.T./Futuristic Lover” shows the subject of not being afraid of true love. I enjoy these songs, but they are slow-paced and not easy to dance to. Despite that, they are very meaningful and help me gain insight into my life. They are the perfect contrast to her bubbly songs.

Even though Katy Perry is one of my favorite artists, I feel that this album is geared more toward older teenagers or adults. Her lyrics, especially in “Peacock,” are a bit far-fetched compared to her previous album. Also, some of the lyrics don’t really make sense and are hard to relate to. Despite these flaws, I would still listen to Katy Perry’s fantastic album.

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