Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection by Katy Perry

12 December 2019

Katy Perry is slowly yet surely claiming her position as the next pop princess. With the release of “Teenage Dream,” Perry has created a string of hits including “California Girls” and “Teenage Dream,” all shooting to the top of the charts within weeks of their release. From bona fide club hits to powerful ballads, this album has just the right mix of sugar and spice. In “Teenage Dream” she captures the essence of the teenage spirit with such authenticity that it’s impossible not to relive childhood memories.

One of my favorites from “Teenage Dream” is “Firework.” Knowing Perry’s style, I expected it to be an explosive dance track filled with fun rhythms and radio-friendly lyrics, but I was pleasantly surprised to find an upbeat pop anthem about self-empowerment.

Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection by Katy Perry Essay Example

Although Perry is known for pop hits, she shows a different side on “The One that Got Away.” With the song’s emotional theme and heartwarming video, Perry leaves behind the superstar persona and shows she is an ordinary person who suffers heartbreak and loss too.

“Teenage Dream” is a huge hit composed not only of classic dance tracks, but much more. From topics of love to themes of confidence, she has created a national anthem for all. The album has already spawned five Billboard Hot 100 number-one hits – the first time a female artist has done this.

Perry has also released “Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection,” which contains remixes and acoustic versions of the original tracks in addition to three new tracks. Most noteworthy is the chart-topping “Part of Me,” in which she sings of breaking up and how sadness will only make her stronger. The line “This is the part of me that you’re never gonna ever take away from me” is a resounding reminder that we can overcome any challenge in our way.

Perry has already established herself as a pop music powerhouse, and has proven her versatility in not only creating hits that everybody wants to dance to, but also tracks that her fans can relate to on a personal level. Although we don’t know what the future holds for Perry, her unpredictability makes us love her even more.

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