Teenage Sexuality

4 April 2015
Argues that, since teens are going to have sex anyway, we should accept it & provide free birth control.

Americans have adjusted a lot of their thinking when it comes to teenage sexuality during recent years. There was a time when a pregnant teen would have been removed from the school and sent to a school for unwed mothers. There was a time when a sexually active female was labeled a slut, or said to be loose. Those days are on the retreat as Americans accept teenage sexuality more than ever before. With that acceptance comes the question of when and how to teach sex education. Schools are at a crossroad because they are dealing with pregnant teens but many parents are opposed to the sex education of their children within the school system. Teen pregnancy, teen sexual preference and many other topics are not being addressed today in teen living classes, and students are gaining their education on the street.

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The adults are not going to stop teen sexual activity, nor will they stop those who are gay from being gay. The best thing that can be done to assist in the area of teenage sexuality is to provide a solid and truthful education so that they can be safe and they can be happy.

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