Teenage Substance Abuse

4 April 2015
This paper discusses teenage substance abuse and proposes a method for treatment specifically for teens.

This paper states that to understand and prevent substance abuse, one must treat both the medical and the social aspects of the problem. The author believes there is a need for substance abuse programs specifically aimed at teenagers. He designs a treatment program that uses the observation and interview elements of the traditional anthropological ethnography to determine the reasons that teens drink and then individualizes the treatment by using the psychology of persuasion.
“The first of these is that their emotional problems seem to be insurmountable on their own and drugs offer the quickest possible route to feeling better. Of course, drugs only mask symptoms and the drugs themselves (especially when combined with certain behaviors like driving) are often extremely dangerous. But to the person in emotional distress, sometimes the short-term lure of drugs is more than enough to get them to use whatever drug is handy.”

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