Teenage Suicide

4 April 2015
An examination of the phenomenon of teenage suicide through the use of a review of Dr. David Lester’s book, The Cruelest Death: the Enigma of Adolescent Suicide.

This paper uses this book as its main source to examine the trend of suicide among adolescents. By using two case studies, this paper explores the helplessness that some teenagers feel and how they resort to this final desperate measure. The paper compares trends between males and females and older and younger teenagers. It also examines psychological disorders which lead to suicide such as depression.
Dr. David Lester’s book, The Cruelest Death: the Enigma of Adolescent Suicide, presents alarming findings of fact about the third leading cause of death in the USA among those below 24 — suicide. It points to the recent and dramatic rise in the incidence of the last 20 years as suggestive of an epidemic (Lester 1993) that warrants greater attention and sobriety among those who can and should do something about it. It is a frank inquest into the social phenomenon by providing information support to theory, research, management and intervention helpful to professionals particularly clinicians, crisis workers and parents — and the entire family with greater insights that can help them device more effective, responsive and successful strategies in the clinic, school and at home, all with the end-view of reversing the trend.

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