Teenagers Having Access to Free Condoms

1 January 2017

The issue on teenagers having access to condoms has long been a controversial one. While many people oppose the availability of condoms to teenagers, many others agree with it. Teenagers having access to condoms is an issue that needs to be addressed at home with their parents. It is the parent’s responsibility to educate their teenagers on sex and the responsibilities that follow. Because, teenagers are not going to ask their parents for condoms, is when programs like The Availability Program have been put into place to educate and promote responsible sexual behavior.

Having access to condoms can promote good and bad behaviors; it is an individual’s decision. Society can only hope that parents have educated their teens on sex and how to be responsible and safe if indeed they do choose to engage in sexual activities. For example, being responsible is about making the right choices when he/she decides to engage in sexual activity. One of the most important things is to have one partner at a time, preferably a longtime boyfriend/girlfriend. One who loves and respects their partner.

When two people are comfortable with each other sexually, most often there is no awkwardness in asking their partner to wear a condom. In contrast, some believe teenagers should practice abstinence until marriage. Second example, of contrast opinions on teens having access to condoms and making unsafe decisions, is just that an opinion. Teenagers will make unsafe decisions with or without the availability of condoms. On the other hand, having condoms available is a great idea. Choosing to use a condom is a safe and responsible decision that a teen can make if they are sexually active

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