Telecommunications: An Analysis of the Law

A paper about the new laws on telecommunications and the types of bills passed in court.

This paper investigates the federal legislation around telecommunications with focus on the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The author examines the history and formation of the bill, the people behind its enactment and how this law effects telecommunications. A look at laws pertaining to use of the Internet.
“Few pieces of federal legislation enacted during last decade have been as important or as controversial as the Telecommunications Act of 1996, for in addition to bringing federal laws in line with 21st-century telecommunications technology and 21st-century communications habits, the law also sought to set a levy of accountability on the Internet that many people believed was tantamount to a violation of the First Amendment and to censorship a charge that the U.S. Supreme Court would later side with when it struck down the “decency” provisions of the law. This paper explores the legislative history of the bill, the interest groups that were in involved in lobbying on either side and an evaluation of the law. ”
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