Telecommunications Project Plan

The DIAD mobile device is used as part of UPS’s plan to gain a strategic advantage over its competitors, to improve its efficiency, and to create increased profits. UPS has as its main competitors Federal Express (FedEx), Airborne, DHL, and the United States Postal Service (USPS). It was only a few years ago that FedEx had a major strategic advantage over all other carriers because it was the only carrier who could track packages while they were in transit. FedEx contracted Motorola to develop a handheld tracking device called the Super Tracker (www. edex. com).

Now all companies have similar systems in place with the main differences being how fast each carrier can notify you of a package’s status and the response times. While UPS and FedEx have always been staunch competitors, the introduction of the Super Tracker handheld device into the marketplace has put the companies in fierce competition with one another in the mobile applications area, specifically handheld devices, with UPS selecting Honeywell as its handheld technology development partner (www. ps. com).

Research will be conducted through the use of company websites and my understanding of the industry from a customer perspective. In addition to company websites I will develop a search strategy by which to use the Internet to obtain specific information and access various search engines to complete the project. I will also interview at least one long term UPS employee at the supervisor level who has responsibility for the Customer Support Center.

The purpose of this interview will be to obtain an inside or firsthand look at the device and to discuss the advantages seen over time with the introduction of the DIAD at UPS and how it impacts their ability to service UPS customers. I will also be seeking handouts and additional information on areas of research that will assist me with completing the project. In addition, I will research the UPS competitors mentioned in paragraph 1 above and discuss their mobile applications or tracking devices and compare them with the device used by UPS.

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