A paper on telecommunications and the concept of management and its applications within the field.

A paper which examines the importance of good management within the telecommunications field due to the critical part computers play in business today.

Table of Contents
Introduction and Background
Organizational and Management Aspects
Ensuring Effectiveness
Available Options
“The manger also has to ensure that the employees are not taken for granted if the system fails. They should not be blamed for anything that is not their own fault because sometimes or often electronics, especially computers, are not so reliable. This may be because of a virus that has entered the system or if there has been a surge in current that can cause the system to malfunction partially or fully. Therefore it is necessary that proper standards are maintained by the managers to ensure that the chances of such unforeseen events are prevented from occurring.

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Also the employees are welcomed with their experienced suggestions that could possibly save the setup from destruction or corruption. (3)”

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