Telemachus’ Relationships

4 April 2015
An examination of Telemachus’ changing relationships with Penelope and Odysseus in Homer’s The Odyssey.

The writer of this paper examines the way in which Telemachus’ relationship matures and develops towards his parents – Penelope and Odysseus. The story begins with Telemachus’ relationships being very self-centered. The paper shows how one of the major themes is Telemachus’s personal growth from being a child to becoming a man. This change in Telemachus is reflected by the changing relationship with his parents. His relationship with Penelope and Odysseus at the start are those of a boy. By the end of `The Odyssey` these relationships have changed to those of a man, representing the change in Telemachus’s character. It is this character change that is examined in the paper.
The Odyssey begins with the relationship between Telemachus and Penelope at the point between a mother-child relationship and a mother-adult relationship. Telemachus feels the need to protect his mother, and attempts to do so, but is not quite capable of taking on this role.

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Rather than fighting for his mother’s rights, he calls an assembly and asks that the suitors be expelled. Even in doing this he admits his own weakness, but, had I the power, my will should serve me to exempt this hour from out my life-time. For, past patience, base deeds are done here, that exceed defence of any honor. Falling is my house, which you should shame to see so ruinous (II, 100-105). In this speech, two things are seen. Firstly, that Telemachus wants to protect his mother’s honor, and secondly, that he does not have the power to do that. At the end of his speech he loses his composure, This said, his sceptre ‘gainst the ground he threw, and tears still’d from him; which mov’d all the crew, the court struck silent, not a man did dare to give a word that might offend his ear` (II, 131-135). This further illustrates that while he wants to act like a man, he is not yet able to do so. `

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