Telemedicine and Medical Information Essay Sample

Good wellness is an of import facet of people’s lives. which is why it is sad that there are those who can non afford to obtain medical attention from professionals. Fortunately. telemedicine was developed and clinicians are now able to pattern medical specialty even when in between a great distance. There are legion web sites on the Internet that cater telemedicine and supply medical information and services to the populace. One such web site is the Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation.

In 1983. Dr. Prathap Reddy “founded the first Apollo infirmary with the exclusive aim of giving everyone in demand an chance to have the best medical attention the universe had to offer” ( Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation ) . The organisation so evolved in December 2003 “to develop and promote telemedicine and distant medical installations in distant countries and to supply communicating amongst medical community by airing of specialised medical cognition through a technologically advanced network” ( Apollo Telemedicine Foundation Network ) . Harmonizing to its web site. its merchandises include Medintegra. Medintegra WEB. Medintegra GoLive. which are applications designed to run into the demands of medical practicians and constitutions who are involved in telemedicine. They are involved in teleradiology. audience on telemedicine services. telemedicine web design and execution. telemedicine package. medical hardware. communicating links. forte audiences by the infirmary. and other services.

Overall. the web site is first-class in specifying telemedicine and bespeaking what it does or does non embrace. Linkss are provided to direct the populace to its merchandises and services. There is besides a manner to reach the foundation in instance persons or other organisations decide to utilize their services. This web site was chosen. and would even be recommended to others. because unlike other web sites. Apollo Telemedicine is clear. concise. and user-friendly. It besides has a professional feel to it because the web site is decently designed with images. links. and contact information.


Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation. ( n. d. ) . Retrieved July 17. 2008. from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. telemedicineindia. com/index. htm

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