Telemedicine and Remotely Located Advanced Healthcare Para-professionals

4 April 2015
An examination of whether Telemedicine will improve the quality of health care and its delivery for remotely located advanced health care para-professionals.

This in-depth study explores the implication of implementation of Telemedicine as a professional genre. It shows what the installation of Telemedicine means to other scientists wanting to take this field further. The study analyzes the context of financial and medical systems and Telemedicine’s implication on Medicare. The author of the study recommends that the medical centers focus on the resulting benefits it can provide not only to the rural population but also the urban ones. Hence, to increase the spread and receptiveness of Telemedicine usefulness, organizations must promote it to the society as a whole.
Table of Contents
Introduction to Study
Statement of Problem/Question to be Researched
Statement of The Problem
Background of The Problem
Survey: The Literature
The History of Telemedicine
Telemedicine Application
Telemedicine Technology
Current Applications of Telemedicine
Teleconferencing-Based Systems
Cost Effectiveness vs. System Effectiveness
Barriers to The Use of Telemedicine
Quality of Care
Research Design and Collection of Information and/or Data
Analysis of Data or Information or Research Results
VII. Bibliography
“Telemedicine is perhaps one of the fastest growing revolutionary technologies after computer-based patient records. According to a recent study, telemedicine, in all likelihood worth billions of precious health care dollars along with replacing 5 % of hospital stays, 5 % of nursing home care and another 20 % of home health visits. (Dakins 1995)
The primary advantage that can be acquired through the field of telemedicine is that it allows patients and doctors to interact at a rapid speed mainly by way of computers and patient video cameras. To put it simply, physical distance between a doctor and a patient is greatly reduced as this interactive method of finding health practitioners brings the former to the patients thereby giving them a wide variety of doctors and surgeons to choose from [First Mayo Telemedicine Symposium, 1993].
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