Telemedicine Coming of Age Essay Sample

In this article ( Brown 1996 ) the writer has reviewed assorted dimensions of telemedicine like – different enabling engineerings. plans. advantages. barriers etc. One can detect a clear prejudice towards engineering and telemedicine in this article. There can be no uncertainty that telemedicine is based on application of advanced telecommunication engineerings. but at the same clip it should non be forgotten that the full exercising is for the benefit of human being and hence. focal point has to be on benefit or injury to human being. While looking at the positive side of promotions in engineerings. it is a common pattern to bury the impudent side of it. Already. the enhanced connectivity of people by modern telecom engineerings which seems to hold connected the Earth has separated neighbours. created spread between parents and their progeny. All this is doing a great injury to the health or wellness of humanity. Is it non ironical that we are speaking about telepsychiatry to handle the really illness psychopathology which in many instances is due to usage of modern teletechnologies itself! The writer has chosen to wholly overlook disadvantages of telemedicine. Is it non a clear prejudice toward telemedicine?

While discoursing the barriers or obstructions of telemedicine. once more the writer has given excessively much importance to the enabling engineerings and statute laws. The human touch is once more losing. What about credence of the engineering by the concluding donee the human existences? What about unmanageable jurisprudence and order state of affairs prevalent on a huge district of the Earth. What about overzealous spiritual motions denouncing use of modern engineering of benefit of world. Until these forces are controlled. can we woolgather of distributing the benefit of telemedicine to the existent consumers – the hapless people for whom medical installations is a existent dream even in 21stcentury. Thus the article. while supplying a good update. fails to undertake the more critical issues related to telemedicine. One should retrieve that larger end of telemedicine is to supply health care installations to those deprived of it till now and non merely as an supplement to healthcare installations of medically flush category.


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