Telephone Conversations in Greek and German Essay Sample


Telephone conversation between the two aliens is often a challenge both companies have to confront due to the deficiency of ocular contact. Simultaneously. lingual characteristics of such telephone conversations serve the agencies of set uping close relationship between the companies. In her research. Pavlidou ( 2000 ) has concentrated on the issue of relationship facets in telephone communicating.


Telephone communicating between two foreign companies ( in our instance. between the German and the Grecian talkers ) is important non merely due to the important information they carry. but due to the of import matter-of-fact facets of communicating. which can be viewed through the prism of telephone conversations. The importance of the linguistic communication messages transferred during telephone conversation is emphasized by the deficiency ( absence ) of ocular contact between the two foreign linguistic communication talkers. The matter-of-fact communicating should be emphasized.

Example: Grecian gap


$ Yes. please. $

Example: German gap

ATach. B hier is A

$ Hello. B. this is A { name } speech production. $ ( Pavlidou 2000. p. 125 )

Though self-identification is chiefly used by Greeks in workplace surrounding. both agencies are used to make physical contact between the two companies.


Pavlidou. T. S. ( 2000 ) . Telephone conversations in Greek and German: attention to the

relationship facet of communicating. In H. Spencer-Oatey.Culturally talking. pull offing resonance through talk across civilizations.London: Continuum.

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