It was originally aired in 1990s. So the main character is obviously will smith. He is the fresh prince from west Philadelphia sent by his mother to California to live with his aunty, uncle and cousins. The story is about how his life is changed and how he changes their life. This is a show from 90s but I am watching the reruns now. Can’t believe I missed out on a show like this. I really think the 90s show were more entertaining than the shows we have today.

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I don’t like reality shows because I think they are not real at all and its all scripted. I like comedy and so I like this show and the only thing I watch on TV at the moment. The best thing I like about this show is that its very well written. It sends a good message by the use of comedy. The show makes you think, makes you cry and makes you laugh a lot. what makes it even better is the acting by all the actors especially will smith and Alfonso Ribeiro. All characters are very likeable and well developed.

My dilemma is I can’t choose between will and Carlton, (Alfonso Ribeiro) both are equally as good. So I would say they are both my favourite characters as their humour and sarcasm is awesome. The chemistry between the two is amazing. I like how will is always cracking jokes about Carlton’s height and Carlton makes fun of will’s low intellect. The best thing about Carlton is the funny dance he does, nobody can do it better, it really makes me laugh a lot. Another character that I really like is Hillary ( Karyn parsons).

She is as dumb as a donkey, which is what makes her really funny. She has a very bubbly personality, and is shown to be very shallow all she cares about is her appearance. Uncle Phill, aunty Vivian and Ashley are the least humorous out of them all but still are really good at their character. This is the only show that I love watching and know that I will not get tired of watching it. This is the best show ever according to me great fun and laughs for the whole family.

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