Telework: An Analysis of the Benefits and Implications

4 April 2015
A detailed look at the advantages and disadvantages of telework.

This paper depicts the notion of telework and its various aspects. It details why the world has turned to telework and what the advantages and disadvantages are in such a change. The author feels that in order to to shape these changes rather than just react to them, it is necessary to understand what telework offers to workers, employers and society.
“Technological advances have made telecommuting an attractive choice for employees because it gives them the flexibility to work almost at anytime anywhere. It could promote diversity and increase worker productivity, which also may mean an increased net income. In addition, telecommuting provides greater job opportunities for disabled members of the work force. This option allows employees the flexibility to manage family responsibilities or health problems without giving up their careers. Telework can bring equality and satisfaction to workers, as they may find their talents and realize their dreams with better time management and independence. Also the prestige of some occupations will not play that significant role any more with status becoming less visible due to infrequency of actual face-to-face communication. Getting accustomed with new technologies means adding value to one marketability in the future. Some teleworkers may eagerly trade off all possible drawbacks against an opportunity to learn more skills in terms of dealing with technologies and ability to be flexible and competent, as these former bottom-line workers will have to perform functions (and therefore possess expertise) of middle-line employees. ”

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