Tell Tale Heart

1 January 2017

Looks Can Be Deceiving In the Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe, the narrator is referred to as mad or insane, but he says that the disease has only sharpened his senses. The narrator insists on his sanity after murdering an old man with a virtue eye. The old man appears to be more of a mystery, the neighbor notifies the three policemen of the suspected murder. The three policemen do not have any special role besides of doing their job of being the policemen that they are. A guilty conscience can alter one’s perception in many different ways.

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In the beginning of the short story, the narrator seems to be really nervous and paranoid for some odd reason. He seems to be physically and mentally ill because he seems to have lost all sense to reality. The narrator possibly suffers from Tinnitus which is a when a person constantly hears a ringing or buzzing sound. Tinnitus is commonly found in men over the age of 40 years old. He may have Tinnitus because he is very lonely and rarely sleeps. It seems as if the narrator is trying to hide who he really is because their name is not shared.

The narrator possibly does not reveal their name so they will not be found. Is the narrator a possible murderer? The narrator seems to constantly visiting this old man. This old man is mysterious because he is only seen in the narrator’s perspective. The old man is wealthy and that seems to be the main reason for the narrator to constantly want to visit the old man. The narrator appears to have a father and son like relationship with the old man. Could it be possible that the narrator is a slave, and the old man is his owner? The narrator resembles a slave because he is always around the old man.

The old man could be the owner because he is wealthy, and he has the narrator do numerous things for him. The old man has a blue eye that the narrator is extremely terrified of. It is common for the white man to have blue eyes, but the short story does not give that information. Having a blue eye gives away that the old man is white. As for being an old short story, slaves feared the white man before slavery was abolished. This could be one of the reasons that the narrator fears the old man and decides to kill him. The narrator cuts up the old mans ody to pieces and, he puts all the pieces under the floor of the house causing the house to smell really badly. Now if the neighbor did not call the police after hearing a scream, the narrator would have gotten away with murder. The policemen had the normal role of doing their job. The neighbor set off enough flags after notifying the police of what he heard. If the neighbor had constantly contacted the police, the policemen would have ignored everything the neighbor had said. This short story just goes to show that some people aren’t really who they appear to be.

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