Temple University Essay

3 March 2019

The borders of my imagination were stretched and my motivation was tested every day with the tough curriculum at Temple University. As a result, I have achieved everything I could have ever hoped for. Within the past ten years, I have graduated from Temple University with a Bachelors degree in Biology, and then attended Temple University again for another four years to earn my Doctorate. After two years of residency at Delaware County Memorial Hospital in Upper Darby, PA, I was hired full time as an anesthesiologist in the Emergency Department. I have been working there for the past couple of months and it has proven to be the most fulfilling job I have ever had. Temple University has not only given me the education to achieve my dream job, but my experiences there have also helped me to grow into a mature adult.

My college experience at Temple University has helped me to become an independent and hard-working adult. Before my first year at Temple, I realized that I must stay very academically challenged throughout my college experience. I became accustomed to consistently applying myself at everything I do academically as well as in every other aspect of my life. My experiences with the staff at Temple University were always very pleasant. The professors are very passionate about their work and have inspired me to continue Anesthetic research within Delaware County Memorial Hospital. I also credit Temple to have been where I grew the most, socially, in my entire life.

Attending Temple University allowed me to break out of my comfort zone and to grow as an individual. The transition from high school to college was difficult, but rewarding. The harder I pushed myself academically and socially, the more I got out of my college experience. I was able to learn how to be very self sufficient during my first few years of college. The helpful staff and great resources that Temple University offers have made my dreams come true. At Temple, I learned that with education, persistence and discipline, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Temple University has provided me with a top notch education and memories that will last a life time.

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