Temporary Flight Restrictions

4 April 2015
A discussion on whether the recent implementation of flight restrictions following the Sept 11th attacks are constitutional.

This paper examines why Temporary Fight Restrictions (TFR) are considered unconstitutional by many quarters and how they are seriously hurting economic conditions of the United States aviation. The paper also presents a legal point of view which states that we cannot declare any action taken for security reasons as unconstitutional. This is because the federal government has Congress’s permission to take appropriate measures to ensure security of the country, its landmarks, general public and important public figures such as the president and vice president. The paper asks when these actions cross the limits of justice and start interfering with smooth operations of any industry, and explains that a petition can be filed against them in U.S. courts to determine the legality of those actions. No such action has so far been taken against TFRs, which were imposed in the wake of September 11.

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The paper studies the issue closely to find out why people feel that TFRs should be declared unconstitutional and how it is contributing towards bad economic conditions in the country.

Table of Contents
Literature Review and Discussion
Condition of Airline Industry after Sept. 11
TFRs and General Aviation
TFRs without Information
TFRs and Business at Busy Airports
TFRs Circles
TFRs and Young Pilots
TFRs: an Ineffective Measure

Temporary flight restrictions were imposed after September 11 in order to protect America public from terrorist attacks. These restrictions had a huge negative impact on the airline industry in specific and on economy in general. This is the reason why many felt that such restrictions should be declared unconstitutional even if the objective behind such measures is highly constitutional. TFR regulations have been in operation since 1971 but amendments that have taken place over the years have expanded the scope of this regulation. For example while formerly it could be invoked at certain given occasion or days, since September 11, they are being used whenever the government feels a certain site can become potential target for terrorist attacks. In order to understand why temporary flight restrictions were imposed and whether or not they are unconstitutional, we must first take a look at the economic conditions of the country after September 11. This will help us understand why any flight restrictions can further worsen the United States economic downturn. Temporary flights restrictions are issued by Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) to protect certain sites from any kind of threat. Before September 11, the main purpose of such restrictions was to protect government military sites from spy planes or to prevent possible collusion of non-participating planes during air shows. But since the tragic incident of September 11, things have changed dramatically for the airline industry as many commercial planes are now being forced to take new routes to reach destination because of FAA flight restrictions.

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