Ten Best Cds Of 1992

7 July 2019

1. “More Noise and Other Disturbances” – The Mighty iMighty Bosstones (Taang!) – The odd concoction of ska, pop and hard-core grabs you and brings you into a plaid dimension of omnipotence.

2. “A Picture of Nectar” – Phish (Elektra) – With odd lyrics speaking of “a virile dissector” and “the family berzerker,” Phish confuses you into a state that becomes quite comforting with their funk bass grooves and their melodic hippie-esque harmonies. You’ll want to crunch along.

3. “Check Your Head” – The Beastie Boys (Capital) – Not as impressive as “Paul’s Boutique” and not as sing-a-long-able as “Licensed to Ill” the Beastie Boys’ third adventure goes back to the roots using real instruments while mastering the art of sampling.

4. “Honey’s Dead” – The Jesus And Mary Chain (Def American) – Most of the grim tales told by the Chain will have you reaping death on others as well as yourself, but you become quickly enlightened with their happy pop numbers that have you singing their songs as you pick flowers in the autumn’s dew.

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5. “Psalm 69” – Ministry (Sire/Warner Bros.) – The anger generated by this industrial mayhem coup has you lacing up your Doc Martens and moshing with anything in sight (i.e. your couch or younger brother) and then you turn it off and question your sanity.

6. “Weak” – Seaweed (Sub Pop) – Not Nirvana, not Pearl Jam, not Soundgarden, not even Mudhoney, Seaweed is Seattle’s finest band. They destroy the definition of grunge and build new boundaries with tunes you hum to and slam to.

7. “Hit to Death in the Future Head” – The Flaming Lips (Warner Bros.) – What is this? I keep replaying it and replaying it and replaying it to search for this ultimate truth. I still haven’t found the answer. An enjoyable blend of fusion guitars, sitars and samplers to name a few oddities of this enigma.

8. “Apollo 18” – They Might Be Giants (Elektra) – I love these guys. After accepting the eclectic abilities of these two geniuses, I have found their mesh of accordions and french horns with pop music can produce a wondrous noise.

9. “Slanted and Enchanted” – Pavement (Matador) – This is what R.E.M.’s “Automatic for the People” should have sounded like. It is a perfect collection of alternative rock that will make you say, “This is good stuff.”

10. “Hotwired” – Soup Dragons (Big Life/Mercury) – My friends say, “I don’t like this album, it all sounds the same.” Exactly. The Soup Dragons take an album and make one long song. And it’s a great song.


“Dirty” – Sonic Youth (DGC)

“What to do about Them” – Swirlies (Taang!)

“Cracker” – Cracker (Virgin)

“The Predator” – Ice Cube (Priority)

“Daisychain Reaction” – Poster Children (Sire) n

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