Ten Best Cds Of 1992

7 July 2019

1) “Sand in the Vaseline” – Talking Heads: This is a compilation of their greatest hits combined on a set of two CDs. “Mr. Jones” and “Lifetime Piling Up” are two of my favorite songs on this album.

2) “It’s a Shame About Ray” – Lemonheads: I thought this was a really enjoyable CD to listen to. I think the Lemonheads are a really great band; they show a lot of diversity. “Confetti” is a great song.

3) “Singles” Soundtrack: I think this is one of the most powerful soundtracks ever made because of the many wonderful artists on it. “Seasons” by Chris Connelly and “I Nearly Lost You” by The Screaming Trees are just two of the many great songs.

4) “Rites of Passage” – Indigo Girls: I really liked this CD the best of their others because songs like “Galileo” and “Joking” have great lyrics and are fun to listen to.

5) “Pocket Full of Kryptonite” – Spin Doctors: “Two Princes” is one of my high school’s favorite songs.

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“Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” is a great tune.

6) “Southern Comfort” – Black Crowes: I liked this CD a lot because the Black Crowes add a lot of charm and a little country background to their music. “Remedy” is a perfect example.

7) “Woodface” – Crowded House: I love “It’s Only Natural” and “Weather With You” because they show that simplicity is the key to life.

8) “This Time in Eden” – 10,000 Maniacs: I liked this CD but not as much as “In My Tribe.” This album reminisces about the past like in “These are Days” and “Few and Far Between.”

9) “Us” – Peter Gabriel: This is an album of Gabriel’s past experience which deals with issues like divorce and psychotherapy. “Digging in the Dirt” deals with from when he was a child until he is an adult recounting his recent divorce.

10) “Your Arsenal”- Morrissey: I love Morrissey and how he writes his music. I enjoyed “Bona Drag” which was one of his past albums. “Your Arsenal” is just as good but in this album Morrissey seems to put on a tougher attitude. n

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