Tenaga Nasional

1 January 2017

The eDividend refers to the payment of cash dividends by the Company directly into the shareholders’ bank accounts. One of the main objectives of implementing eDividend is to promote greater efficiency of the payment system which is aligned to the national agenda of migrating to electronic payment.

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Benefits of eDividend eDividend extends to all companies listed on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“listed issuers”) and provides, amongst others, following benefits: (a) Faster access to your cash dividends; (b) Eliminates the inconvenience of having to travel to the bank to deposit the dividend cheques; (c) Eliminates the problems such as misplaced, lost or expired cheques and unauthorised deposit of dividend cheques;

One-off registration for the entitlement to eDividend from all listed issuers; and (e) Option to consolidate the dividends from all your Central Depository System (“CDS”) accounts into one bank account for better account management. 2. Registration for eDividend 2. 1 Registration for eDividend had commenced on 19 April 2010 for a period of 1 year until 18 April 2011, at no cost to the shareholders. If you register after the 1 year period, an administrative charge will be imposed.

To register for eDividend, you are required to provide to Bursa Malaysia Depository Sdn Bhd (“Bursa Depository”) through your stock broker, your bank account number and other information by completing the prescribed form. This form can be obtained from your stock broker’s office where your CDS account is maintained, or downloaded from Bursa Malaysia’s website at http://www. bursamalaysia. com. 2. 2 You need to submit to your stock broker’s office where your CDS account is maintained, the duly completed prescribed form and the following for registration:(a) Individual depositor: Copy of identification documents i. e. NRIC, Passport, Authority Card or other acceptable identification documents.

Original documents must be produced for your stock broker’s verification; Corporate depositor: Certified true copy of the Certificate of Incorporation/Certificate of Registration; and (b) Copy of your bank statement / bank savings book / details of your bank account obtained from your banks website that has been certified by your bank / copy of letter from your bank confirming your bank account particulars. For individuals, original documents must be produced for your stock broker’s verification. For corporate entities, a certified true copy is to be submitted. If the CDS account is held in the name of a nominee, the nominee will register for the eDividend.

If you are not able to be present at your stock broker’s office to submit the prescribed form and supporting documents, please ensure that the signing of the prescribed form and the supporting documents have been witnessed by an acceptable witness specified by Bursa Depository. In this regard, an acceptable witness includes an Authorised Officer of your stock broker, a Dealer’s Representative, a notary public and an Authorised Officer of the Malaysian Embassy/High Commission. 3. Notification of eDividend payment after registration 3. 1 You are encouraged to provide in the prescribed form to Bursa Depository both your mobile phone number and e-mail address, if any. This is to enable the Company to issue electronic notification to you either via e-mail or sms, at the discretion of the Company, once the Company has paid the cash dividend out of its account.

Please note that if you provide only your mobile phone number, you may only be notified of the cash dividend payment when you receive your dividend warrant or tax certificate. 4. Additional information for shareholders 4. 1 Your savings or current account, must be an active bank account, maintained with a local bank under your name or in the case of a joint account, has your name as one of the account holders. It must also be a bank account with a financial institution that is a member of the Malaysian Electronic Payment System.

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