Tennessee Valley Authority Act of 1933

Signed by President Roosevelt on May 18,1993. , it was created as a federal corporation to provide assistance in navigation, flood control, electricity generation, fertilizer manufacturing, and economic development in the Tennessee valley region right after the Great Depression. Not only did it tackle important problems like the ones listed above but also it was set to improve the travel on the Tennessee River and to help grow the region’s business and farming.

The Tennessee Valley Authority Act was not only a provider but as well as a regional development agency that would use the federal and electricity to rapidly grow and create a modern economy and society to the region. It was the first time that an agency was set out to address the total resource need of major region in America. It was set to take on the unified development problems by devastating floods, a deficient economy, and steady out-migration. It also began to oversee the construction of dams and create cheap power in the area.

Modernizing the Region The TVA was originally designed to modernize the area. It used experts to combat the problems such as human and economic. It developed fertilizers and taught many other farmers how to improve their crop fields and how to reforest, control forest fires, as well as improve habitat for the wildlife. Yet, the most dramatic change in the valley was due to the electricity. Modern home appliances and electric lights made the life of the people in the Tennessee valley easier and more productive.

Electricity drew many factories in the region which proved many jobs. It also revived the area ruined by rural Americans by building dams which in return gave out cheap electricity. [pic] TVA’s Board Members. [pic] Douglas Dam [pic] TVA Towers. Knoxville, TN Employment The people that were unemployed were later hired for the conservation and economic development such as the library that operated many of the surrounding region. The headquarters were made up of experts from the around the country.

Back in the day, the people hired were arranged in the racial and gender categories of the time. They did hire African-Americans for the janitorial positions. The Tennessee Valley Act also recognized the unions in the labor. The skilled and highly trained employees were put together, it was a breakthrough in history because the area was know to be hostile to minors’ and textile unions. Although the women were excluded from the construction work, the cheap electricity attracted mills that hired only women.

Today’s TVA Today’s Tennessee Valley Authority Act is the largest power company in the United States. As well as running the fifth largest river system in the country all in order to control the flooding and make the rivers much easier to cross and travel. It also creates recreation for the people of the region and protects the water quality. It is estimated that the Tennessee Valley serves around 80,000 square miles in the southeastern United States. This area includes multiple states other than Tennessee.

They include, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. Today they have eleven coal-fired plants, twenty-nine hydroelectric dams, a pumped storage plant, two nuclear plants, and four combustion-turbine installations. In total, the facalities provide over 27,000 megawatts of energy. It provides electricity to power 160 local and munipal power distributers of about 18,000 miles of lines.

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