Teresa of Avila: The Progress of a Soul By Cathleen Medwick Essay Sample

10 October 2017

There is a saint in every common adult male but we normally forget that there is the common adult male or adult female in every saint. Saints are normally portrayed as Godhead. pure. happy and guiltless people who are ready for martyrdom anytime the Lord our God asked for it. Cathleen Medwick. writer of Teresa of Avila: The Progress of a Soul. alterations this perceptual experience by her really realistic portraiture of Teresa’s life.

Medwick. a characteristics writer/editor for women’s magazines like Vogue. Vanity Fair. Mirabella and House & A ; Garden admits that she is non a Christian herself but has spent 20 old ages researching about this popular adult female saint. She aimed merely to demo the advancement of Teresa’s psyche and in the procedure gave us a really clear thought of the really human contradictions this saint faced within herself.

Teresa de Ahumada was born to a well-off Castillan household on March 28.

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1515. She was the 3rd kid in a brood of nine kids. non numbering the first two measure siblings she had on her father’s side of the lineage. . Her female parent was merely 14 old ages old when she married Alonso de Cepeda and whiled off her clip reading romantic novels. It was her mother’s romanticism plus her love for God that made Teresa want to go an idealistic seven twelvemonth old sufferer.

She convinced her eleven-year old brother. Rodrigo that if they got out of Sierra de Avila. they would meet Moors who will kill them because they are Christians. If they do acquire murdered. they would be able to jump the preliminaries and instantly become saints. Of class. their uncle was able to happen them before the Moors did.

She grew up to go like any normal adolescent. She loved to have on dangling earrings and ropy necklaces. She liked to utilize aroma. and repair her hair in the latest stylish manners. As she was a really attractive 15 twelvemonth old. a dirt began to brew because one of her cousins flirted with her. This prompted her male parent to direct her to a convent that would fix her for a devout domestic life.

She found it difficult to concentrate on supplication for even when she was in the Carmelite Monastery of the Incarnation in Avila. male companies would chat up with her. She saw it hard to keep the ideals of the Carmelite enclosure because their monastery was besides really hapless. Alternatively of praying. the nuns had to accept the attending of helpers. Some had to travel place to their households to be taken attention of when they were ill. Some even had to inquire their households for nutrient.

At the age of 18. she suffered from an unknown unwellness that paralyzed her for a twelvemonth. After this episode. she began to read the plants of Catholic mystics which finally led to her ain religious experiences. After some clip. she became fearful that her experiences may be demonic in nature alternatively of sanctums so she sought the advocate of male confessors on how to pray even fierily. They advised her to compose down what happened to her and this started her Godhead popularity. She was about 40 old ages old when she became a airy and her experiences besides led her to believe of a new Carmelite monastery.

Tired of the chitchat around her visions. she decided to establish a new convent in the center of Avila with pure-minded followings. Her first monastery was St. Joseph. They wore sack fabrics. and lived the simplest lives. However. her levitations continued and even became stronger to the point that she instructed some nuns to be beside her when she prays so that they would draw her dorsum on the land when she floats. There were even times when she had to keep on to the communion table wicket to halt herself from drifting during Communion. Some of the other nuns envied her and she pre-empted green-eyed monster by disregarding her levitations as impossible.

Her popularity grew stronger and she caught the oculus of several duchesses and princesses who would inquire her to see them in return for charities. Teresa did non like being used as a trophy by the aristocracy but she followed God’s instructions to be affable with these people because they were to be her fiscal and political assistance to set up more convents.

One of these was the Princess of Eboli.

The princess asked Teresa to set up a convent. tried to go a nun and failed. With the convent’s prostration. the angered princess sought retaliation against Teresa by directing her autobiography to the Inquisition. The Inquisitors at that clip were really interested in her because of her mystical experiences that may surround toward unorthodoxy. The fact that her male parent was besides a Converso or Judaic convert was besides a cause for Inquisitors to doubt her.

From 1562 to 1582. Teresa was able to set up 17 discalceate convents and a friary. She traveled by mule and would surprise townsfolk with her sudden visits at dark where she would coerce the proprietor of any crossroads she could happen to suit her and the remainder of her nuns and priests. To exceed it all. she would wake the town with her bell early in the forenoon so that everyone can go to mass. Although people complained. Teresa’s finding was difficult to defy.

She was non without problems. Political governments opposed her thoughts because they do non believe in holding so many convents in their countries of duty. She had her statements against Church governments who besides wanted to tamper in monastery affairs. The Princess of Eboli was non the last helper who thought that their charity gained them the right to order on Teresa’s mode of carry oning her mission.

Bing a adult female. she found it difficult to learn the word of God. A Roman nuncio even accused her of doing false philosophies because harmonizing to the orders of St. Paul. adult females should non learn. It is a approval that God gave her Alliess like Domenico Banez. an esteemed- Dominican theologist and a immature Carmelite mendicant named John of the Cross.

As she grew older and the monasteries became further distant from each other. Teresa began to compose down her instructions to her nuns and priests alternatively of giving them verbally herself. She made speculations. supplications and anthem. She besides wrote a batch of letters to churchmans and helpers which accounted for the popularity of her beliefs even outside her monastery walls.

Her Hagiographas besides contained so much of the challenges she faced – non merely from others but within herself. She used to hold ecstasies that tended to be titillating in nature that left her speechless and frozen in one place for hours. She had her ain manner of discoursing with God – refreshfully honest and passionate. She was a great decision maker who had uncertainties in her ain determinations. She lived a simple life despite her love for amour propre. She was a visionary who feared that she might be missing in supplication. Teresa was merely a adult female who did what she had to make.

Teresa died in 1582 at the convent of Alba de Tormes. When one of her confessors ordered for her grave to be opened. they found her organic structure to be integral. She was canonized in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV. She was the first adult female of all time proclaimed to be a Doctor of the Church in 1970 by Pope Paul VI.

Teresa. as shown by Cathleen Medwick. is a pure psyche of a adult female. We may non levitate and hear voices but her narrative stands as cogent evidence that it merely takes honestness in our egos and finding to consequence alteration in this universe.

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