Term paperm on personal legend

9 September 2016

The Alchemist is a very convincing and exhilarating book that tells us about following our dreams and taking them to the very end. This novel tells us to leave our boring, everyday lives, risk everything we have, and pursue our “personal legends. ” It emphasizes and elucidates the fact that most people in this world want to be told that all their dreams and desires are to come true sooner or later, but Coelho states that in order for them to actually come true we have to struggle and strive to make our fantasies a reality.

This compelling story is about Santiago, a normal shepherd boy, who is indeed, a dreamer. He dreams of finding great treasures and becoming rich, but he just doesn’t know where to start achieving his “personal legend. ” Then, just when he was about to give up, Santiago met a very wise man that told him to listen to the omens, and he realized that these omens, good or bad, were all around him. He now knew that on your pursuit of your dreams, the universe and everything that surrounds it would do everything to help you accomplish your “personal legend.

Term paperm on personal legend Essay Example

” We all believe that the universe is against us in our quest to make our dreams come true, but this novel tells us that if we just strive hard towards our goals, everything will work out in the very end. As Santiago started heading towards the desert, where he was destined to be, he faced eminent challenges and obstacles that he was yet to overcome. That is another thing that Coelho was trying to explicate, as we strive towards our dreams, we will surely face tough challenges and temptations to try and stray us away off course.

These temptations and desires are there to test us if we are really determined and ordained to fulfill our “personal legends. ” That is why Coelho created the character of Santiago, who conquered all obstacles and fought away his temptations. For example, Santiago had fallen in love with Fatima at the oasis, but it didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams. Even though he desperately wanted to stay with Fatima and live happily-ever-after, he moved onto the pyramids, doing what he wanted to do from the start.

Santiago influences us into fighting and not just waiting for our dreams. We endeavor towards our “personal legends,” to create a better and brighter future for ourselves. Just like Santiago, we are not able to predict what the future holds or has in store for us, but that is what this book is about, taking a risk and hopefully everything would work out in the end. That is one reason why The Alchemist talks about taking advantage of everything that we are given now, so that the future we create will be turn out better than what was destined to be.

This novel really changed my views on how I look at my dreams and goals, and how I will strive to every extent just to make them come true. I once thought that my dreams would come true no matter how much or how little I try to make it into a reality. That my dreams would just be given to me, no matter how little I struggle to make it come true. Then this novel came into my life, and it proved me wrong. I now know that my dreams wont just be passed onto me, as I exert very little effort to make it come to life, but I have to struggle and strive to the very end in order to live up what fate has decided for me.

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