Termination of employment

1 January 2017

The situation I have chosen to talk about is something that happened to me. It was work related, my first job actually. I got it through a program that is offered to people who are 18 and just graduated, it was to teach you how to keep a job, what to do at interviews etc. You got paid as you would if it was a real job. You got to decide on what field you would work at. I of course wanted to go to school that deals with psychology or social worker even something in the medical field.

It took a while for the main women in charge of everything to find a location for me to work at. I worked at her office until she did. I would file papers, answer phones, One day in particularly I wore a vintage looking top, and the lady told me not to wear it again (although it covered me and was something someone would wear when going to meetings.

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) After that she would start to be a little mean towards me I was 3 mins late, although I was at the office before she was and couldn’t get in until she was there to unlock it.

After a few weeks working there, she finally found me a place, I was then working at the records department, and it was great my supervisor was amazing. Now this is where the issues start to come in, since I was with a program that’s how I got paid not by the actual place, I and three other girls were all on one contract to work there. I was dealing with personal life issues, helping my mom with the household since her bf left, and then her having a massive heart attack. My supervisor was fine with it she understood.

The lady in the program otherwise didn’t like me missing. Told me to separate my life from my work life. The other girls that I was working with, were doing a lozy job, toke one to many breaks, and was always talking about messed up stuff, such as people being murdered in their families, and how their houses would get shot at. My supervisor hated this; she wasn’t around any of this before so it was scary for her. I was the only one who would show up early, and leave late my work was perfect and never toke one break.

One day on my day off, one of the other girls literally yelled at one of the other supervisors and threatened to sue her, all she did was tell her to get back to work instead of talking and just sitting there. After that our contract was terminated. If one went all of us had to go. So I’m out of a job, we all had meetings with the lady for the program. I go in and she tells me she’s not placing me anywhere because I was a bad worker. I then tell her how I’m seeing a therapist trying to turn things around, and how the supervisor told me I was the only one who can use them as a reference.

She tells me Ok well after being told that she would find another placement for me. I left never got a call back, she never placed me. I find this to be a bad situation. I think this because some people become bias to some people. I’m not that outgoing when it comes to work related serious things. I never spoke up, the other girls were very outgoing and talked to her all the time so they got close, while I was the one who never “toke work seriously. She didn’t judge me on how well my work was, she had her own judgment call on how I dressed, and looked. I came up with this termination by, the looks she gave me, I have a lip ring, she didn’t like it hated seeing it even on my days off, I have tattoos also hated them and thought they were disgusting. Lastly the uqnie clothes I wore. They were different than most people, but never revealing or showy. I also think it is an issue, if she doesn’t judge me on how well I work, does she do this to others too?

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