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1 January 2018

Tariff of 181 6: first protective tariff to protect from British competition Congress raised the tariff rates on certain goods for the express purpose of protecting U. S.

Manufacturers from ruin American manufacturers feared that British goods would be dumped on American markets and take away much of their business 7. Protective Tariffs: tax to protect against European competition 8. Henry Clays American System: a method to help advance the nations economic growth called the America System Composed of three parts: 1 . Protective tariffs 2. A national bank 3.Internal improvements 9. Second Bank of the United States: first Bank of America expired and second Bank of America was created for a stronger national bank 10.

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Panic of 1819: first major financial problem since the Constitution was ratified Largely the fault of the Second Bank of the United States who had tightened credit in a belated effort to control inflation Depression was most severe in the West Deflation of money 11. John Marshall: appointed to the Supreme Court in 1800 by Federalist President John Adams and was still leading the Court as its chief justiceInfluential in persuading other justices decisions Favored the central government and the rights or property against the advocates of the states’ rights 12. Fletcher v. Peck (181 0): case involving land fraud that concluded that the State could not pass legislation invalidating a contract First time sate law declared unconstitutional 13. Dartmouth College v. Woodward (181 6): Dartmouth changed from a private institution to a public institution Struck down state law as unconstitutional, arguing that a contract for a private corporation could not be altered by state law 14.McCullough v.

Maryland (1 819): ruled that the federal government had implied powers to create a bank and that a state could not tax a federal institution 15. Implied Powers: powers not expressly stated in Congress 16. Gibbons v. Ogden: ruled that New York monopoly unconstitutional and established federal governments control of interstate commerce 17. Missouri Compromise: created to preserve sectional balance between North and South, if Missouri became a slave state, Maine was to be a free state, and the rest of the Louisiana Territory prohibited slavery 18.Talladega Amendment: prohibited further introduction of slaves into Missouri, required children of slaves in Missouri to be emancipated at age 25 Defeated in Senate 19. Stephen Decatur: led a fleet to force the rulers of North America to allow U.

S. Shipping use of Mediterranean 20. Rush-Bogota Agreement: limited naval armament of Great Lakes Fortified U. S. And Canada boundary 21 . Treaty of 181 8: stated that U. S.

And Britain had shared fishing rights Off Of Newfoundland, joint occupation of Oregon, and set the northern limit of Louisiana territory at the 49th parallel 22.Andrew Jackson: sent to Florida to stop Seminole invaders, destroying villages, hanging chiefs, and driving out the Spanish governor 23. Florida Purchase Treaty: Spain gave U. S. The rest of western Florida and all of the east and its claims to Oregon in exchange for U. S. Assumption of $5 million claims against Spain and the U.

S. Territorial claims for Texas 24. Monroe Doctrine: declared American continents free and unavailable for colonization by other countries 25. Lancaster Turnpike: road that connected Philadelphia with farmlands around Lancaster 26.

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