Terraforming by Wide Eyes

9 September 2019

Djent is not the easiest djenre to explain, far from it actually. These guys can help me prove that statement as more or less a fact rather than opinion. Wide Eyes of course is a djent band that have only released three albums so far combining the likes of chugging and dj0nting with some spacy atmosphere similar to Tesseract but not to their extent. In reality, this is more like Between the Buried and Me meets Periphery meets Animals As Leaders and is strictly instrument here.
Containing 16 tracks in a span of about 64 minutes, this has alot to offer. From all of the technical breakdowns to the melodic synths and guitars in the background making it more of a spacy kind of album, sound familiar? The sometimes random shredding and semi-rare solos are also neat here as the keep the album from being totally boring for one and it shows off a but more of an influence to some other band, a la Animals As Leaders. I swear if I tried, I couldn’t be able to pull off most of the drumming in this album, I think the blast beats would be about it. Then again, last I checked, I’m more a speedy, thrashy drummer than a technical drummer. Ignoring that slightly the drumming here seems very in time to whatever is going on in the album as well, as well as everything else of course. Apparently, it’s also possible to envision a grand space adventure story or even write lyrics on top of it as well, but that does take some skill and imagination that I don’t have from creative minds that didn’t even work on this masterpiece. The guitars and bass are very chuggingly beautiful as they can match each other about as well as the drum rhythms. There are times when someone deviates into a shedding moment or a solo, but they come back into a breakdown with little to no fail and yes, that takes some skill. It may be heavy, this is Djent after all, but unlike some other bands in this field, they cram in so melodic parts as well, usually in the background, a solo or for an intro to a song. The flow is also really nice as it all transitions really well from track to track. The only problem I might have with this album is the dj0nting of the guitars as it can get repetitive at points, but there are other, possibly more minor, details that make up for it so it isn’t a big deal.
I give this a 9.5/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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