Terrorism Case

Terrorism has been around for centuries. It has evolved from its beginning and as time passes the strategies and techniques change. Every terrorist uses a certain cause as an excuse to justify their terror attacks. Just because someone is a terrorist isn’t doesn’t mean that they have mental issues. They believe that they are following God’s will and will find themselves in paradise for carrying out these activities. Terrorism in the Middle East has its roots in the Arab-Israeli conflict that is going on.

These terrorist activities that take place in the Middle East have been committed in the name of Palestinian self-determination and for the destruction of Israel. The conflict with Israel has been going on since 1948 when it was officially created. One of the main reasons for this conflict was because Palestine believes that Israeli lands were promised to them by British colonial authorities. One of the major terrorist groups that were created in this conflict was the Palestine Liberation Organization which was led by Yasser Arafat.

Their main mission was to destroy Israel and establish a Palestinian state. Since Israel is the only non-Muslim nation in the Middle East it is considered an invader of Islamic ways. They believe that the Western world is corrupting the Middle East. Terrorism also takes place in Europe. Some small terrorist groups were formed in the late early 1960’s and early 1980’s. These terrorist groups used the motivations of economics and idealism as an excuse for their reason to carry out these attacks.

Unlike other terrorist groups these were college students who were using acts of violence because they couldn’t find work after graduating college. Two major terrorist groups that were created were the Provisional Irish Republican Army and Spain’s Bosque Fatherland and Liberty which there mission was to attempt to secede from their nations. In 1922 Ireland was granted independence from Britain with the deal that its six predominantly Protestant northeaster counties would stay with the United Kingdom.

Many Irish didn’t agree with this split of their country. The Catholic minority that was involved in this division faced discrimination in employment, housing, and political participation. As for the Basque terrorist group which was formed in 1959, its mission was to push General Franco out of power. The terrorist group also wanted an independent state for Spain’s Basque ethnic group. The Basque ETA suffered political oppression because the Spanish government trying to destroy their culture and assimilate them into the Spanish culture.

As for the Al Qaeda document I would guess that it was created within the last twenty years because it talks about using sophisticated methods to detonate explosives such as using blasting caps. It tells you how sensitive they are and that you should take caution because of their sensitivity. It also tells you how to make the blasting cap using an extended pipe and that explosive material which is the main basic substance. It just seems as though this couldn’t have been written in the 70’s or 80’s but I could be mistaken.

One major difference between Al Qaeda and the U. S. military is we are more organized. The U. S. military has a set way of doing things and training in a controlled environment. Al Qaeda on the other hand has to train in secrecy for fear of being discovered by American or coalition forces. They must train with whatever weapons they are able to get their hands on. Their weapons aren’t as advanced as the U. S. military. Al Qaeda uses IED’s or Improvised Explosive Devices to cause damage to American and coalition forces.

These IED’s are effective but not very safe or accurate. They make these IED’s from whatever they can find. They are made from five components which include a switch (activator), an initiator (fuse), container (body), charge (explosive), and a power source (battery). It is very difficult for westerners to infiltrate Al Qaeda because they are such a tight knit group that uses secrecy as a tool to stop any possible infiltration of their network. According to U. S. spy agencies they find it more difficult to infiltrate Al Qaeda compared to the Kremlin during the cold war.

This isn’t good because in order to stop further terrorist attacks you have to infiltrate that organization to gather intelligence. If you don’t have strong intelligence sources then you are pretty much blind and open to attack. Some counterterrorism officials said their agencies missed early opportunities to infiltrate the Al Qaeda network. They tried offering cash rewards to get Al Qaeda members to flip on their organization. The problem with that method is these terrorist members are religious zealots and don’t want to do anything to offend God. By them taking a bribe they would be doing just that.

I would rate Al Qaeda’s level of sophistication as moderate. I wouldn’t compare them at all to our military. We are very sophisticated and have a well maintained military. Al Qaeda on the other hand doesn’t go through the extensive training that our military does. They do have their various training methods but they aren’t as advanced as the American military. One advantage of Al Qaeda’s training method is their mountain training. They have decades of training in the mountain’s and that is why it is hard for American and coalition forces to hunt them down.

As a lead investigator I would let them know Al Qaeda’s training methods and weapon of choice which is the AK-47 assault rifle. This is an effective weapon because it doesn’t jam often and it is very versatile in a desert environment. I would also bring up their level of secrecy and their dedication to their religion as an excuse to commit mass murder to further their cause. My team would have to understand how Al Qaeda operates and figure out a way to get someone inside to infiltrate their group and bring home some solid useable Intel to stop further killing.

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