Terrorism in pakistan

8 August 2016

Terrorism in Pakistan Full Essay: Terrorism is not just word but ideology that suffered this world a lot. There are many countries of the world that are facing this threat in their parts. Important thing is that all countries are trying to counter it but terrorism increased. Pakistan is also the victim of this terrorism. In fact it is suffering a lot than any other country. The reason of that it’s big functional boundary which is associated with big countries of the world like India, Iran, Afghanistan and China.

In last UN Convention in which all heads of States were present, PM India Man Mohan Singh said Pakistan is the Epicenter of Terrorism” and all people that were sit in that convention endorsed his statement without considering that Pakistan gave lot of lives in this fight of terrorism, army men and also public. Today, bomb blast or suicide bombing is normal thing for the citizens of Pakistan. Many Pakistanis are dying these blasts but they are facing it by bravery.

Terrorism in pakistan Essay Example

But the whole world is continuously pointing to us as terrorist state. What a shame? There is no govt. official that can say truth to the world and to the citizens of Pakistan that are still seeing towards leadership. This is happening with us because of our slavery and corrupt leadership that made such decisions and policies through we are reached at the edge of another partition. Our Establishment launched Jihad to rescue the people of Afghanistan against USSR.

We defeated USSR badly with the help of USA and got huge success. Now the scenario has been totally changed for last 10 years. USA replaced USSR and it is fighting against these Afghanis that were fighting with USA against USSR. Pakistan played the same role and it is helping USA against those Afghanis. Presently Pakistan is considered as Infidel (Kafir) state by this Pakistani Taliban. So, Pakistan is facing different war scenes.

TTP which has origin of Pakistan is fighting against Pakistani State and Afghani Taliban is fighting against USA in Afghanistan. This wart is continuously going and USA is ready to leave this region by the beginning of 2014 but what about Pakistan? Pakistan has to do something to get rid of this problem because after going USA Pakistan will become the prime target for both of them which will be very deadly detrimental for Pakistan and it should plan something long term to make itself safe from these coming situations.

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