Terrorism in Spain

Although this eternal struggle between Spanish government and ETA seems endless, I will offer two ways that would help to solve this political international problem, but first let’s know a little more about ETA’s origin.

ETA was funded based on the PVN (Basque Nationalist Party) socialist ideology, but with different ways to act. Both organizations have the same objective: to liberate Euskal Herria, that is located in the western Pyrenees that extends the border between Spain and France on the Atlantic coast (Bowen 163); however, ETA and PVN differ in the ways to reach their objective.While ETA uses the violence as the main “weapon”, PVN looks forward to gain autonomy from Spain through government presence. Since 1968, when their first terrorist attack happened, ETA has killed more than 800 people (“Hint”). Moreover, their most important terrorist attack occurred in December 1973, when Luis Carrero Blanco, primer minister successor of Franco, was assassinated in Madrid by four members of ETA (Barros 97). Now that we are informed about this terrorist organization, I’ll develop my first solution. In the last 19 years ETA has lost power and it doesn’t have the support from the Euska Herria’s people.

As a consequence, ETA announced a cease-fire in 2006, which ended nine months later after a terrorist attack at Madrid Airport. As a result, some leaders were arrested, the organization lost support, and started to crack from the inside (Cutts). Therefore, my first solution that I’ll offer is about to sign peace treaties with the different entities from Euska Herria that no longer support ETA; consequently, ETA would feel weakened and would finally cease fire. In fact, after PVN decided to separate from ETA due to some ideological differences, Spain’s primer minister Jose Luis RodriguezZapatero has started to communicate with PVN leader Inigo Urkullu, to create an union against Basque’s terrorism, pointing out that “creates a basis for peace” (qtd. in “Verge”). This union is the first step to debilitate ETA. Also, the PP (Spain Popular Party) which politics are totally against Zapatero, observes that starting a peace process will weaken ETA, and it would probably put an end to 40 years of violent conflict.

Thus, ETA will have to drop all political conditions and disarm, so there is no doubt of its disintegration as a terrorist organization.However, ETA has never given up even if their members feel that they doesn’t have the support to continue; hence, I’ll offer another solution that has more effectiveness since it is based on similar previous events. In the previous paragraph, the solution mentioned involves a several quantity of steps to finally reach the results desired. However, letting a Basque Country national party enjoy in the next elections to have presence in the national parliament, is a solution that has more impact on ETA.Based on facts that in 2000 a Basque political party, named Aralar, made its way to the Spanish parliament, and it provoke a rupture in ETA’s organization (“Spain politics”), I’m going to develop my second solution. In the last February, another political party belonging to the Basque Nationalist was founded. This party clearly rejects ETA’s violence, which only objective is to gain presence in the Spanish parliament, and through this way represent the Basque Country.

It is a fair point since we know that democracy is the only pacifist way to obtain what the Basque Country wants.

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