Terrorism: Preventing Future Attacks

4 April 2015
This paper looks at two newspaper articles that discuss terrorism, and how they relate to the attack on the World Trade Center.

This paper provides a critical analysis of two articles printed on the subject of prevention of future terrorist attacks, in the New York Times and the St. Louis Dispatch. The author discusses the effects of the media, and their methods of reporting, focusing on the events of September 11, and prevention of terrorism.
“If we desire to analyze a current issue being represented in the media the one that comes to mind is the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center , (WTC) NY. The terrorist attacks that slammed two jet planes into the WTC and killed more than 5000 people and shook the nations around the world is the event some say of the century. But as the shock wears off and nations determine how to put forward a long-term strategy that will control terrorism the media becomes divided. Playing the role of a forum the media around the world is the integral factor in the presentation of the information—for that is what will determine public opinion.. How to prevent future attacks like that of the WTC is being presented in two aspects. We will study through an analysis of two media articles; one in the Times and the other, The St. Louis Dispatch the strategy, which will be most effective in combating terrorism.”.
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