4 April 2015
A study of the motivations behind acts of terrorism

This paper studies the phenomenon of terrorism in the light of the September 11th attack on the USA. It seeks a definition of terrorism and looks at some of the possible reasons for terror in the USA. It brings up religious and other motivations for terrorism, such as disparity of wealth among nations and the cultural concept of the “other”.
“A great deal has been written about terrorism since 11 September 2001, but this should not blind us to the fact that terrorism is hardly a new phenomenon. Although it is hard to believe that there is anyone in the world who is not now more aware of the possible reach and effects of terrorism than they were six months ago, if we are to come to a better understanding of the ways in which terrorists operate and the basic human psychology of terrorism than we must take a longer view of the phenomenon (McDermott 2002). Only if we do so ” if we look at terrorism over a period of centuries and include an analysis of both religiously motivated and other forms of terrorism ” can we come to any clear understanding of what happened in the United States in September as well as what has happened since then (Miller 2002).”

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