Terrorist and Assassins

10 October 2016

For my research project, I plan to study the influence of Terrorist and Assassins and their Motives are Harmful to Society. Many different reasons inspire terrorists and assassins. The characteristics of them are always changing. Terrorists and assassins are classified into three categories: rational, psychological, and cultural. They are people regularly very common in our society and it is too difficult to identify. This is a very complicated issue but I have concentrated on their motives, I would like to get to the reason for their motives.

This research will send a message to us in order to help us understand the motives of the terrorist and assassins. I have already commenced my research on a variety of resources. I am working with the organization of the topic. But to understand the motives we have to study and demonstrate the following: A) Define what a terrorist is and assassins? , B) Terrorist and assassins and their motives, C) There are anything that justifies the terrorists and assassins? D) The effect or damage they cause to society? The main goal for my research is to prove that if there is anything that really justifies the actions of the terrorists and assassins, then they will achieve the motives to harm society. Advertising, as such, is not exactly a goal. Is Indeed half through which expands the cause, accumulate advertising is part of the initial phase in the process of obtaining substantial goals. Their actions have become one of the most powerful influences in our society.

I have been searching online and they have several sites that have good information about my topic. Some of the places that described the motives of Terrorist and Murderers are discussed are books, magazines article, newspaper and web sites.

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