Tertiary Education Is Not Important

12 December 2016

Without an education people still can live happily and success in their life. People have to know the true meaning of education. Education is different from being literate. Education is something divine and it is linked to survival. What education do you think that ants have? Still, they are disciplined. People always have the urge to survive, and the curiosity to learn. Without school there are still many outlets of information and media, no one can hide from learning if they are in any social situations.

Even by yourself in a cave over time you will find easier ways to build fires and better ways to make clothes or draw on the walls. Life is education. Everything you are and do is from some learned experience you had. People for thousands of years survived only by the experiences they had. Today we must live on our experiences during our lives and we can survive with no other education. Some of the most successful people in the world started from scratch. Some didn’t even get the chance to have a decent education.

But still, they managed to become tigers and titans in businesses. Believing that a piece of paper will get you somewhere and letting other people decide on what you want is really a no go. Paper is something, but the experience, hard work and useful knowledge gained is far more important. In fact, the vast majority of people are not working in the same field as they went to school for. Responsibilities are more important than an investment in an education. Sometimes, more often than not, you will have no responsibilities if you stay in the groove and on an education path.

Time affects a successful life. Stay in the groove with your time before it’s too late. Time is not as flexible as you think when you get older. If you are not in the “groove” of a timely education, you will sink in a hole of the inability to go to school and will end up competing with your hard earned skills. Those hard earned skills will not reward you on the same level as an educated background because in an employment scenario, chance favours the prepared mind. It’s a fact that a college degree does not guarantee success.

There are countless determined entrepreneurs who have proven that success can be achieved despite a lack of higher education. Many people succeed without college education. College degree couldn’t guarantee success since it’s something that we do, and not just something that happens to us passively. It should give an encouragement to those lacking college degrees but shouldn’t discourage those who are working hard towards getting one. They are many “degreeless” entrepreneurs who have risen to the top.

Some high-profile entrepreneurs you will recognize immediately, while others you may be discovering for the first time. Many of them didn’t complete elementary school, and still more are considered high school dropouts. Their backgrounds and industries run the gamut; however, they all have at least two things in common, incredible success and no college degree. Going to college/trade school may have bonuses, but there are no guarantees. There are many legendary people, who are dropouts, failed in school assessments but they proved that they are the greatest minds.

One of them is Albert Einstein. He was a theoretical physicist widely regarded as the most important scientist of the 20th century. He dropped out of school at age 15. In 1905, he published four research papers that outlined his theories on relativity, equivalence of mass and energy (e=mc2), Brownian motion, and the photon theory of light. The theory of relativity was very controversial, and although it was proven in 1919, the Nobel committee did not mention it when bestowing the prize. The question is “Do you really need a college degree to succeed in life”?

I would say no. Given that chances are equal, I would say that people who know and are passionate about what they really want and willing to pay the price for it (put in hard work and time, not necessarily money) will succeed in the end. In conclusion, the key is hard works, dedication and courage to face life challenges. From our experience, we are capable of adopting new things and learning it as we are parts it. There’s nothing you can do for your family as they say. So, people can find a way to succeed even if they lack of education.

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