Test Bank

1 January 2017

Feeling for swollen lymph nodes is an example of auscultation. True False 2. We can see through bones with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). True False 3. Histology is the study of structures that can be observed without a magnifying lens. True False 4. Cells were first named by microscopist Robert Hooke. True False 5. All functions of the body can be interpreted as the effects of cellular activity. True False 6. The hypothetico-deductive method is common in physiology, whereas the inductive method is common in anatomy. True False 7.

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An individual scientific fact has more information than a theory. True False 8. Evolutionary (darwinian) medicine traces some of our diseases to our evolutionary past. True False 9. The terms development and evolution have the same meaning in physiology. True False 10. Organs are made of tissues. True False 11. A molecule of water is more complex than a mitochondrion (organelle). True False 12. Homeostasis and occupying space are both unique characteristics of living things. True False 13. Positive feedback helps to restore normal function when one of the body’s physiological variables gets out of balance.

Negative feedback is a self-amplifying chain of events that tend to produce rapid change in the body. True False 15. Anatomists over the world adhere to a lexicon of standard international terms, which stipulates both Latin names and accepted English equivalents.

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