Test Match Sabina Park

9 September 2016

“Test match Sabina Park” a moment had been rehash of when English cricket team had come to Jamaica to play cricket. In the poem the persona takes you to every moment of the game. He gives you a side view of himself and the other spectators throughout each stanza. He lets you understand how the English play cricket at their home ground and how the Caribbean plays at Sabina Park. From the poem you could see that there are two different reaction/behavior at two different cricket ground Sabina Park and Lords.

The persona helps you to understand these reactions by showing the difference between each. In Sabina Park the spectators expect cricket to be loud, to have excitement and also playful. One of the reasons for this is that because the spectators are mostly Caribbean people who always know how to be wild, fun and joyous. A cricket match for them is expected to be all those things not boring, of slow-pace and quiet. They were used to 300+ runs by lunch time, having the crowd screaming, shouting and hooting.

Then there was cricket at Lords which was more conservative. This cricket ground was not use to vociferous spectators, a crowd that came to enjoy the game or even on occasion cheer. This was mostly because of the humid and muggy days that were always present in England. So basically no one wanted to go to the game in England not even the players based on how they played; so matches were just there. The spectators in Sabina Park are fun, wild and loud while the spectators in Lords are quite conservative and calm.

In the poem there are key phrases that stands out here is one of them ‘proudly wearing the rosette of my skin’ firstly this phrase is a metaphor. It represents the prominence of the persona’s country and his skin color. He also thought he is better because of his skin tone. It also signifies he was Caucasian and also he thought that the English team would have had a better hand in the game. He had proudly worn his skin tone because he thought they would have won and also thought that the English were the best of the best.

The other phrase is ‘caged vociferous partisan’ the persona used this term as to indicate and also unconsciously offend the West Indian spectators. He specifically said caged because of the barriers that were place around the park; he has never seen something done like that to a human being except for animals when getting out of control. It also shows different boundaries that should not be cross. The persona also state that the people were very noisy and were bi-ass beings and also they clearly jus t shout out whatever they want and not caring about who got the blunt of it.

He also states they are bi-ass because they only behave in this particular way when the game was not going how they wanted it to go. Lastly the persona use diction in the Creole language to show the difference between the English way of speaking and the Caribbean way. This is ‘Eh white bwoy how you brudders dem/does sen we sleep so? ’In this phrase the persona shows the other spectators expressing how tiring and boring the game was for them. It is an aural imagery. This line clearly shows the misery of the spectators.

Mostly because they came to see a well excited game but instead came to find this god awful boring game. They felt as if they wasted their money, time and energy on this event. The other point of view use his color to differentiate between the two races it‘s almost like a discriminatory word use to bruise his ego and show him he is not the best. In the poem “Test match Sabina Park” you get a full understanding from both points of views. It helps to show the difference between the two teams at the cricket match.

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