Testing Personality Types

4 April 2015
A detailed examination of two types of personality tests designed to help as a guide on career choice.

A paper which presents a detailed examination of organizational behavior and how it relates to two types of personality tests. The paper examines how “The Type Talk at Work” and the “Meyer Briggs” personality test are both designed to provide insight as to the type of personality the test taker has and what type of career they should seek. The writer also discusses each test and compares and contrasts them. The paper analyzes the book “Type Talk at Work/How the 16 Personality Types Determine Your Success on the Job” by Otto Kroegerand Janet M. Thuesen and shows how the book is important for anyone seeking advice on career decisions.
“One example of the personality types drawn from the book is the champion idealist type (eNFps). The champion idealist is a worker who is outgoing when it comes to relating ideas to others. This can be a positive aspect of the personality as long as the person understands that others may want to voice their opinions and ideas as well. In addition the champion idealist is cooperative in accomplishing their goals and deadlines(Portrait of the Champion (eNFp).”
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