Texting Addictions, How Can They Affect the Addicted Person and You?

Texting addictions, how can they affect the addicted person and you? If you haven’t noticed, texting can become an addiction and you may not realize it but you may be addicted . Texting addictions are really a problem. They cause so many things. They aren’t something to joke about. They are serious. Research says most teenagers send at least a hundred texts a day. The key words here are “at least”. Teenagers say texting is addictive. They worry when they don’t get texted back immediately.

Without their phones, they feel as if they are missing something. They also get very anxious. Texting causes all kinds of injuries. It causes sleeping disorders, because children and teenagers wake up in the middle of the night just to text people back. They put their phone in a place so that it will wake them up when they get a message. Teenagers and children with phones have thumb injuries, referred to as “Texting Tendonitis” or “Nintendonitis”. It can also cause sore wrists.

You may end up with neck, shoulder, joint, and elbow pain. In the long run, you could have arthritis. Those pains are because you bend, or “hunch”, over when you text. And texting to much can cause headaches. A person with a texting addiction sometimes texts in class, while doing homework, and during activities. This can cause bad grades. When they text during class, they get bad daily grades but also bad test grades because they won’t be paying attention. If they don’t pay attention in class they won’t know the material.

This will cause them to be unable to study for tests. The people who text while driving also have consequences. They can get tickets and/or fines. Texting addictions have been known to be the cause of many car accidents. If someone is texting while driving, they won’t be watching the road. Consequently they will hit a car, person, or another object. These are just a few effects of texting addictions. There are many more. Well, now you know what can happen.

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